This is an article about regenerative agriculture; not climate change. It’s an article about opportunities created by climate change and the opportunities/money is real regardless of one’s personal views on global warming. The goal, as always, is to promote regenerative agriculture practices and financial incentives are a great way to get more farmers on board.  

As one of the central goals of regenerative farming is the capture and storage of as much carbon as possible in our soils, it makes sense that governments around the world are beginning to recognize regenerative farming practices as a viable method to battle climate change by reducing the quantity of carbon in our atmosphere.

This means government support for regenerative agricultural practices and government support generally means money; green money.

How this money is spent and whether or not it directly reaches the farmer will vary from country to country but from a birds eye view there does appear to be plenty of opportunity out there — at least on paper.

That said, these programs are not always well advertised and sometimes require a bit of digging to find the right links.

Canada, for example, offers a number of agricultural grants at both the federal and provincial level. Some grants are available for farmers to directly invest in specific farming methods (e.g. cover crops) or green technologies (e.g. no-till seeding). There are also a range of other grants and programs which can help with everything from promoting regenerative practices to helping farmers generate their own green power.    



A quick online search also indicates that the US, UK and Australia all offer a number of opportunities and incentives available for both new and established regenerative farmers. That said, as a Canadian, I can’t speak for the efficacy of those programs 




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